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From Russia With Luck

From Russia with Luck

by Zoya Schmuter, M.D.

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Thirty years ago, Zoya Schmuter, M.D. emigrated from Soviet Union with her family. The path of life took them to Israel, where they learned Hebrew and created a life in the newly established country. There her oldest son served in the Israeli Arm Forces. Her husband, Sam, was trying himself in a business, and the author worked in the pathology department at a local hospital.

After three and a half years, Sam was invited by Ford Motor Company, and the family moved again, this time to the United States, a country that soon became their home. Ultimately settling in New York City, Zoya began a career as a medical examiner, a move that proved to challenge her and captivate her interest.  Settling into their new home, Sam joined the Wall Street Industry, and the couple’s younger son entered the army, this time the US Army.

From Russia with Luck is the anatomy of events, feelings and successes of one family. Zoya Schmuter shares a story of three worlds and three cultures, and tells what it takes for one to ascend the stairs of life in the new world.

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