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...Nothing is said now that has not been said before...Terence (185 B.C.)
Walk of Life ... 2-nd page




Retirement Is Coming!

     Decisions, Decisions.

     The Farewell Party.

     My Writing Classes.

     Umbria and Venice.

     Israel and Old Friends.

We Borrowed Grandchildren for Swiss Vacation.

     Getting Ready.

     Diving into the Heartland.

     “Flooding in Switzerland, mountain rocks­­­­ falling…”.


The Doctors

A Rainy Day

Once at Rosh Hashanah

Sarah’s Neighbors and Elevator

Motorcycle and Arnold

New York Short Stories

     Bad Husband

     They Were Hungry

     My Dog Is Mexican, Are You?



     Our Condos

     The Couple from Chicago

     Zoya’s Dream...

     What’s Good There?

     A Fun Trip on the Auto Train

Bavarian Castle

From the Author’s Gallery


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