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...Nothing is said now that has not been said before...Terence (185 B.C.)
Walk of Life

 by Zoya Schmuter, M.D.Walk-of-Life

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Exploring subjects from the challenges of retirement to an array of travel adventures 
to reflections on the vagaries of daily life, the author presents in her book a collection of essays and stories that capture personal moments, but also make insightful connections that link universal experiences.

The essay Retirement Coming addresses the concerns of many professional people fearful of the retirement proposition and who are challenged by the necessity of restructuring their life. Motorcycle and Arnold is a short story that touches everyone's soul and often causes tears. The Bavarian Castle tells a romantic story of the author's  week in a beautiful castle in Franconia where the underground path led her to the professional encounter with ancient mummies.

From New York to Florida to the Poconos and beyond, Walk of Life offers a pletora of stories that explore both conflict and epiphany.



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