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...Nothing is said now that has not been said before...Terence (185 B.C.)
Tales ....(p2) highlights of some cases

“Mummy” talks about a nurse who mummified her beloved mother upon her death and kept the body in the bedroom upstairs of the house otherwise inhabited by other family members who knew nothing; very much as in Hitchcock’s “Psycho” Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) did.

A thorough investigation by the medical examiners of the minor details in the rich brownstone residence of the Indian prince and his wife, society couple known as Prince and Princess, reversed the case, initially treated by the police as suicide / homicide, to the double homicide. Eventually apprehended criminals in their confessions entirely confirmed the good deduction work (“Prince and Princess”).

A completely dismembered and partially burned body with missing head had been eventually identified by comparing reports on missing people, investigating their residences, finding their medical charts and…finally by matching the dismembered left leg with the left leg x-ray of a missing person (“Executive Secretary”).

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