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...Nothing is said now that has not been said before...Terence (185 B.C.)
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“My next surprise came when the defendant appeared with his face covered by an iron mask (as in Louis XIV’s time), his hands and feet in shackles. It was not exactly the iron mask of the king’s twin brother, but this mask completely covered the defendant’s face…. It was done because the defendant was HIV positive and tried to share it with whoever he could… The defense attorney was sitting unusually quiet a few feet away from his client because, as I was later told, he had stabbed his previous lawyer with a sharp pencil to the chest.” (“Serial Killers”)

A panhandler was holding a crib with a child while begging on the street for himself and her… But she was found dead in the crib with signs of multiple abuses. (“Child Abuse”)

Sudden Infant Death of babies – is it caused by babies’ suffocation in their cribs because of the traditional face down position, and also by the parents accidental overlying when putting a baby to sleep in the bed between them? (“Sudden Infant Death”); could you imagine that a baby hanged itself by a pacifier? (“Hanging by Pacifier”)

A candidate for firefighter has died after the vigorous physical exam while thousands of others are taking it. The candidate developed renal failure and turned out to have the history of sickle cell trait. Should a test for sickle cell trait be a prerequisite for admitting recruits to extensive exercise? (“Sickle Cell Disorder”)